Burger King Gift Cards - Get Burger King Crown Card

Crown Card - Burger King Gift Cards

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Burger King Gift Cards - Get Burger King Crown Card

Discount gift cards offer by any restaurant promise foodies to save money on restaurant bills.These cards offer decent discounts on restaurants you would actually choose to visit.

Burger King also works in the same way and have the gift cards offer for their loyal customers. These gift cards are for Burger King fans love their delicious spread of savory food items and refreshments.

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There are two types of gift cards offered by Burger King.

  • BK Crown Gift Card
  • BK eGift Card

Burger King Crown Gift Card

The BK Crown Card is an excellent way to reward employees and clients. With this BK Gift Card, you have to present this to the cashier at a Participating Restaurant at the time of purchase and the card's available balance will be applied toward your authorized purchase. Here is how you can Check Burger King Gift Card Balance Online

This Crown gift card is valid for restaurants located in the 50 United States and Guam and it cannot be shipped to destinations outside these states.

BK Gift Cards can be used as personal or business gifts. This card can not be used in connection with any marketing, advertising or other promotional activities such as Internet advertisements, email, telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertisements.

About Burger King Survey - MyBkExperience

Register For BURGER KING Crown Gift Card?

In order to register for your BK Crown Card first, you must create an online account on the Website.

Access to the Website is obtained at www.burgerking.com.

Once an account is created, the customer is registered for the BK Crown Card.

Once you get registered for BK Crown Card, then your balance is transferable to another card. Also, when you register your BK Crown Card you can be able to receive great offers and Kingly perks.

Burger King eGift Card

Burger King eGift is an electronic version of the BK Crown Card that is purchased online. This card is available and received as a prize by BKC online and social media promotional activities.

How to get Burger King eGift Card?

This card is received to the people in the form of sixteen digit code which is sent by e-mail or on your social media account including facebook page.

People can avail eGift card offer from the restaurant by showing sixteen digit code to a crew member written on your smartphone or in printed form.

You should protect your account number otherwise it can be used by any other person.

About Burger King Restaurants

Burger King is a famous hamburger fast food chain which is spread all over the world. It is said to be the second largest hamburger chain in the world, after McDonald’s.

There are 13,000 of Burger king branches worldwide and they serve about 11 million people each day.

Burger King’s most famous and signature menu item is the Whopper, which was made in 1957 and still remains a everyone’s favorite. Apart from the Whopper, Burger King also serves breakfast items, fish and chicken, salads and wraps, desserts, and smoothies. Fire-Grilled burger, Tender-Crisp Sandwich, Chicken Strips, and Hand Spun Shakes are also included in their favorite menu list.

Find Burger King Restaurants Near You

Are you looking for a branch of BK around the area that you’re staying at? Don’t worry because Burger King has the perfect solution for you.

Get The Secret Deals and Coupons

Download the Burger King app to get amazing deals and coupons that you can redeem at Burger King. You can find the entire menu on the App and order from your nearest BK restaurant and get amazing discounts.

Downloading the app will give you a coupon code that you can show at the counter to get FREE Food at BURGER KING

Embrace this wild opportunity just by downloading the iOS app of BK and get free mobile coupons

Contact Burger King

There are many ways through which you can contact BK at +1866-394-2493. They are always open for queries, suggestions or complaints and they never let their customers down.

You can call the burger king customer service anytime between 7 am to 11 pm on weekdays. You will find the phone service very fast and efficient and they will cater to all your queries. Use the number given below to contact the customer service.

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